About JJF

About JJF International Wellness Communities

JJF International Community Development was filed as a Wyoming Limited Liability Company on September 14, 2017.

The Company was formed to specifically address the needs of the founding members as well as like-minded individuals of our generation.

Our mission is to develop an International Brand of Wellness Communities for resident/owners 50 years of age and older. Currently, we are not entering the Nursing Home industry nor Dependent Care. Quite the opposite, our mission as well as our design, are for the active, engaged people like ourselves that are not seeking a residence to live out their lives. Rather, individuals seeking an International Community to start living life to the fullest after years of work.

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We have taken a unique approach in the industry. Whereas, if an individual or a couple own a property in one of the communities they are welcome to travel and stay at any of the other communities in the group while maintaining their owned residence. We are seeking to do this to encourage travel and engagement with other community residents and locals while enhancing cultural exposure and traditions. Our plan is to offer three communities on the Continent of the Americas as well as three communities on the Continent of Europe.

All six communities will offer the same amenities as well as floor plans and community layout. The first Community under development, Sian Ka’an, is slated for 2018 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico with one community added per year over the subsequent 6/7-year period.

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The Founding Members are made up of a successful Developer, an Entrepreneur, an Attorney, an Architect and a Medical Health Care Professional. The majority of whom have reached retirement age and are ready to start living life to the fullest.

Each community is limited in the number of available residences for sale as well as the number of Short Term Residential Suites available for visiting family or residents of other Communities in the Group. This is intentional to ensure a high level of personal attention as well as amenities like 24/7 concierge services.

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